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A track recorded in 2001 from my album "Daybreak" all done on a Roland Vs-1880 multi tracker and with an akg c-3000.
This track was so much fun to do as I went up on the train to Mike's (McGoldrick) house in Manchester from Kent with the box, guitar, Roland,mic etc and Mike met me at Picadilly station we went to his and my mic stand was missing a leg... so Mike used a low whistle for the leg and he recorded a tune he'd recently written called the Bass rock and before it Cuz Teehans then we had a great tune in the Jolly and I went back on train after couple days m put my box a b/c castagnari dinn+guitars down on my Dad's boat in Ramsgate. Such amazing memories of recording Mike he did it in one take and the album has no edits as I didn't know how to edit on the Rolands tiny screen lol Think its the first recording of the Bass rock.